About Us

Sunshine's Fitness Studio & Wellness Center offers Weight Loss Coaching, Certified Personal Trainers, and Group Fitness Classes in a judgement free, up-building environment. Our friendly Personal Trainers, who have gone through their OWN personal weight loss and fitness journeys, can help you on your own journey! We are passionate about creating a positive and supportive environment where you can become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself!

Sunshine's Fitness Studio & Wellness Center offers a variety of different fitness classes for people of ALL fitness levels, genders, sizes, and ages. We currently offer 10 fitness class formats, with over 20 classes scheduled per week. We also offer semi private and one-on-one Personal Training, and Weight Loss Coaching.

About Sunshine

I am a personal trainer and a weight loss coach. I provide the physical and emotional support needed in order to successfully reach and maintain your goals. Let me help you get in shape with personal improvement & fitness sessions! I would love to help you feel your best and meet your personal fitness goals! Call, Text, or E-Mail me anytime! I look forward to seeing you in class!

~Sunshine Gannuccelli

Owner of Sunshine's Fitness Studio & Wellness Center

Email: sunshinesfitnessstudio@gmail.com

Phone: (207)991-8070

About Andrea Carver

Hello, my name is Andrea Carver. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor at Sunshine's Fitness Studio and Wellness Center located at the Bangor Mall.

My personal fitness journey began in 2016. During this journey I have lost over 100 pounds and made many friends. This positive, personal experience has motivated me to help others by offering encouragement, support, and guidance as they successfully achieve their weight loss goals. I have found that this journey is often filled with many challenges, which include the emotional battles we fight within ourselves when it comes to implementing life-style changes that take us out of our comfort zone.

As a person who has walked in the shoes of so many that I come in contact with, it would be my privilege to help you become a HEALTHIER VERSION OF YOU, enabling you to discover how truly strong you are, inside and out!

You can reach me at (207) 217-0236 when you are ready for change and need help reaching your fitness goals.

Steve Remington

Certified Nutrition Coach | 207-356-1294 | Steve@bangornutrition.com

Our Nutrition Coach can help you:

•Calculate your individual caloric needs based on the information you have provided and your specific goals (ex: fat loss, increased performance).
•Calculate a macronutrient profile based on caloric needs, goals, food preferences, and exercise style.
•Make adjustments to caloric and macronutrient recommendations based on feedback from you.
•Teach you how to read food labels, navigate grocery stores and recognize healthy and balanced portion sizes.
•Help you to sift through all of the nutrition information available.
•Discuss the pros and cons of various styles of eating to help you decide the best approach for your needs, lifestyle and personality.
•Teach the benefits of certain food groups and macronutrients.
•Collaborate with you to set realistic goals and expectations.
Most importantly, our Certified Nutrition Coach will provide a safe, honest, and judgment-free zone for you that will empower you to navigate the ebbs and flows of your unique nutrition journey. Thus, creating weight loss and promoting muscle gain according to your needs and goals.

Who needs a Nutrition Coach:

•Recreational, competitive or professional athletes training for sport or competition.
•Those of any age looking to feel better both physically and mentally.
•Busy parents who seek to improve the health of their entire family.
•Individuals who need help navigating nutrition around various life changes.
•Those who travel for work and/or leisure.
•Individuals who feel confident in their nutrition, but want objective support and accountability.


Sunshine's Fitness Studio & Wellness Center

Andrea Carver

Personal Trainer & Goal Coach
(207) 217-0236