Rebounding is so much fun and suitable for all for all fitness levels!

You'll enjoy strength training and cardio intervals in this 50 minute class! You'll have your own personal trampoline that will be lit up, so you'll be able to safely enjoy this GLOW UP PARTY!

You are in total control of how hard you work, modifications will be provided. You'll want to make your reservation as soon as possible, we have very limited availability!

Classes non refundable. $12.00

Stability ball class - October

First class - QBack by POPULAR DEMAND

We will be having this super effective, muscle building Stability Ball Class on Sunday, October 16th @ 2PM!

This low impact, stability ball class will help you improve balance and coordination while targeting specific muscle groups such as the legs, chest and abdominals. Numerous smaller stabilizer muscles are engaged while you target the larger muscle groups. Additionally, your abdominal muscles are involved in nearly all of the stability ball exercises giving you the added bonus of strengthening your core and lower back. Get your heart rate up with the cardio segment of this class, while enjoying the deep stretches a stability ball can provide during our cool down. It's challenging , fun, effective & different!

Class is $12 and spaces are limited! Pre-registration is required!

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Step & Barbells - November

Blur for November class Using a step in your workout not only has amazing cardiovascular benefits, but it whips those thighs, buns, & calves in shape in record time! There's a reason STEP CLASSES have been around for years...the results are phenomenal!! We will be adding in some extra sculpting features with the added benefits of weight lifting! It will be the perfect mix of cardio and strength training!

People of all fitness levels are welcome to participate in this class. You decide how hard you work, add risers to your step for more of a challenge, or come off the step at anytime and do the work on the ground for less intensity.

Limited In Studio Spots available. If you prefer to join us from home, camp or work, grab your step and few weights and book a virtual spot! Zoom link will be sent the day of class.
50 minute class

Spaces are limited!
Pre-registration is required!

TRX & Barbells - December

Get your strength training, muscle building and cardio all in one fun, challenging, sweaty class! This 50 minute class alternates between TRX exercises that build strength and balance, cardio intervals and weightlifting. TRX is suitable for all levels because every exercise on the TRX can be modified to accommodate the specific needs of each student from the novice to the athlete. This class is taught by the Fitness Studio Owner, which is a Certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. You choose the pace, intensity of exercise and weights you want to use. It's time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! Spaces are limited. Reservations required.

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