Group Lift

6/6 @ 4 PM | $10.00

Have you been wanting to try GROUP LIFT, but couldn't make it work during the week? We got you! Join us for this special Sunday class! GROUP LIFT is a choreographed barbell weightlifting class. GROUP LIFT will deliver a total body transformation. Using high reps, GROUP LIFT classes give you sculpted shoulders, defined biceps and triceps, strong lean legs, firm glutes and a tight core. Choreography in each of these areas is specifically targeted so you'll burn fat, burn more calories and achieve more meaningful fat loss and muscle fatigue. Your in full control of the amount of weight you load on the barbell. The end result is that you build strength while increasing muscle definition to the max! Limited spaces available, reservations required.


6/13 @ 4 PM | $10.00

Have you ever wanted to try Barre on Saturday mornings, but it didn't work out with your schedule? Join us for this special Sunday Pop Up Class! Barre Fitness Class delivers a full body workout, but it's great for strengthening your core and toning your glutes and legs. Because ballet barre is low impact, it's great if you recovering from an injury (let the instructor know if you have an injury so they can modify exercises accordingly!). Many barre exercises can also be modified so they are a safe workout option for pre or post-natal clients. Barre workouts are also a good cross-training option to pair with other exercise like running, weight lifting or cycling, because they strengthen the muscles needed for these exercises without being too stressful on the body. Modifications always provided. Reservations required, space is limited.