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Rely on us for weight loss coaching in Bangor, ME

At Sunshine's Fitness Studio & Wellness Center we like to think of everyone as a member of our family. Putting it simply- we have your back. We offer weight loss coaching and nutrition information to help you follow your plan and reach your fitness goals.

Additionally, we take your health and fitness goals one step further. We take the time to explore your lifestyle behaviors to identify which behaviors should be adjusted for your overall health. Once identified we work to break the cycle that causes you to take those actions with the overall goal of improving your physical and emotional health.

We'll customize a plan based on your wants and needs. It's important to us that we build a relationship with each of our clients. We want you to feel comfortable and motivated.

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Eat right so you can stay healthy

It's easy to get overwhelmed reading over the nutritional information on the back of every beverage and snack bar you grab. By working with a nutrition coach, you can determine the best diet for you and get tips of following it.

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