Steve Remington

Certified Nutrition Coach | 207-356-1294 |

Our Nutrition Coach can help you:

•Calculate your individual caloric needs based on the information you have provided and your specific goals (ex: fat loss, increased performance).
•Calculate a macronutrient profile based on caloric needs, goals, food preferences, and exercise style.
•Make adjustments to caloric and macronutrient recommendations based on feedback from you.
•Teach you how to read food labels, navigate grocery stores and recognize healthy and balanced portion sizes.
•Help you to sift through all of the nutrition information available.
•Discuss the pros and cons of various styles of eating to help you decide the best approach for your needs, lifestyle and personality.
•Teach the benefits of certain food groups and macronutrients.
•Collaborate with you to set realistic goals and expectations.
Most importantly, our Certified Nutrition Coach will provide a safe, honest, and judgment-free zone for you that will empower you to navigate the ebbs and flows of your unique nutrition journey. Thus, creating weight loss and promoting muscle gain according to your needs and goals.

Who needs a Nutrition Coach:

•Recreational, competitive or professional athletes training for sport or competition.
•Those of any age looking to feel better both physically and mentally.
•Busy parents who seek to improve the health of their entire family.
•Individuals who need help navigating nutrition around various life changes.
•Those who travel for work and/or leisure.
•Individuals who feel confident in their nutrition, but want objective support and accountability.